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Beware leopards prowling ...
Boskloof hiking trail, Naboomspruit

Route Description

This is a circular route.  The first day is 12 km and takes the hiker through beautiful scenery, indigenous forest, ravines and waterfalls that leads you over huge rocks.  For the birdwatcher and psychopathologists, there is a lot to see.   Admire the stunning rock formations which can be seen all over the property.   Day one is a mild to difficult route to hike.  Just after “Waterbessie, you’ll find a spot to take a tea break with a swimming hole.  A beautiful lunch-spot is about 8km further on at “Oumans Bos”.   Baboons and Game to been seen.  Look out for leopard tracks!  Day 2 is a fairly easy walk, back to the base camp, for about 6 km at the foot of the mountain.  There are approximately 120 tree and 47 bird species on the farm.



The first night you spend at Boskloof Base Camp.  Parking of vehicles is about 200m from the base camp.  Flashlights are necessary, especially if you arrive at night.  The base camp has three A-frame wooden huts, with a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful view over the mountains.   The huts have bunk beds with thick mattresses.  Room for 30 hikers.   Ablution fascilities, with showers and flush toilets.   Hot water supplied by a “donkey”.  No electricity.   There is also an open-air  braai area with 2 pots, 2 pans, kettle, gasbraai, fridge and 2 ironpots (No. 2 & 4).  The second night you sleep over at Skeurkrans overnight hut, at the foot of the Skeurkrans.  These huts are equipped the same as Boskloof  base camp.


Boskloof base camp

NABOOM HUT    (14 mattresses)

KOEDOEBESSIE (8 mattresses, 4+4)

SERING HUT       (8 mattresses, 4+4)


Sleirlrams overnight camp





Other information



Boskloof Hiking Trail is located in the “Waterberge” near Naboomspruit, approximately 250 km from Johannesburg.  The Skeurkrans trail is situated on the same farm.


 Difficulty rating Boskloof (5-6)

  1. exceptionally easy
  2. easy
  3. easy to moderate
  4. moderate
  5. moderate to difficult
  6. moderate to difficult
  7. fairly difficult
  8. difficult
  9. difficult to very difficult
  10. extremely difficult (1)
  11. exceptionally difficult (2)

 The rating is done in terms of hikers of average fitness i.e. people who hike only a few times per year.

(Hiking Trails and Day Walks – Leon Hugo)


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