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What you need to know ...
Newcomers - welcome to Sunday hiking

Welcome to the Johannesburg Hiking Club.

We recommend you take note of the following when planning to join in on a Sunday hike.

  • Print the on line form and take this with you, in order for the leader of the day to sign off the hike.
  • Make sure you have the correct Sunday meeting place.  Check the programme but if you are not sure, please contact our administrator.
  • The meeting time is 08h00 (unless otherwise stated in the programme).
  • A certain degree of fitness is necessary, as most hikes include a steep climb to the escarpment.
  • Please wear strong takkies or preferably hiking boots which have been worn in.
  • It is advisable to wear two pairs of socks.
  • 2lts of water must be carried on all day hikes.
  • Pack a suitable picnic lunch and some snacks to nibble.
  • A sunhat and sun cream are necessary.
  • Always have a rain coat and a jacket or warm top.  Temperatures vary drastically, especially in storms.
  • A day ruck sack is required in order for your items to be kept together and carried on your back.
  • If a braai has been stated on the programme, you need to bring a plate, cutlery and whatever food/drink you require. The fire will be provided.

At the meeting point, complete the non member attendance register, pay the fee and if you require a lift let the leader of the day know.

A good idea for the end of the hike is: to put a cold drink into a small cooler box and keep this in your car. After a long hot hike, there is nothing nicer than a cool drink.

We hope you will enjoy your hiking experience with us.