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A short story with a big heart ...
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On Sunday 11 July , the Chicken Run hike was on the programme.  It was found to be quite difficult by some of the group and here’s what we received in the guest book.
Comments: I would just like to thank the Jhb Hiking Club for Sunday.  We did the chicken run on Sunday and climbing those rocks was really a scary moment for me, but without the help of a couple of individuals, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Instead of people focusing on my weakness and fear, they rather lent a helping hand and got me to the top and made me feel good.  I find that some people in life focus on someone else's weaknesses to make themselves look better.  This is not the case in the Jhb Hiking Club.  People are there to help you get through and to hike together as a group. Thanks so much. You are great people!
Date: 12 July 2004

Well done to all those concerned – it’s a feather in a hiker’s cap.