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Cathedral Peak

Back Pack at Cathedral Peak Talayanaku/Thutumi Passes

Week end of 18th to 20th February. 2005

There were six of us on the hike Angela Denicola, Monica Britz, Hanneke Robat, Robert Zuzowski,Sue Desmond and yours truly Neil Ransome

On the way down to the berg we bumped into Angelo and Monica at the Spur in Harrismith. We met again at Didima Lodge where we booked in for our night Ďs camp at the camp site and for the nights out in the wilderness.

With a bit of time to spare we all went up to Cathedral Peak Hotel for a drink. The hotel is getting pretty sticky about letting in visitors, even though we said that we were going to spend money at the hotel.

We heard that the hikerís car park is not safe anymore as there have been break-ins even though there is supposed to be a guard for 24 hours a day, this also goes for Mikes Pass. Because of this we negotiated with the Parks board to take us all up to Mikes pass early on Friday morning for a cost of R25-00 each. The parks board originally wanted to charge us R65-00 each. Thanks to Monica and her negotiating skills we had the price reduced.

On Thursday evening we had our usual braai and chat around the camp fire. The camp site was empty except for ourselves.

At seven the next morning we parked out cars at the front of the Parks Board offices at Didima Lodge, and as arranged were driven to the top of Mikes Pass. By eight oclock we were on our way walking toward Didima Gorge. The day was warm and by 10 am we had passed the gorge. The surrounding mountains were bursting with waterfalls, one in particular was even better than Tugela Falls. On our way to the top, lightning and thunder was predominant. That evening once we were in our tents it started to rain and did so all night.

The next day it was overcast and drizzling. We decided to change our route. Instead of going down Thutumi Pass, we took the path leading towards Organ Pipes and then along the path which cuts off and detours along the top of the hills all the way down to the Fire Look out Hut, now disused as there are no forests any more.

By two we were at Mikes Pass and by 4.00 pm we were back at the Cathederal camp site.

That evening we all went to Didima Lodge for supper which was quite nice after eating snack food on the hike. It rained most of Saturday night

On Sunday it was heavily overcast and on our way back to Johannesburg it was raining all the way from Harrismith back to Johannesburg

In conclusion the hike was still worth doing even though it rained over the weekend.

Author: Neil Ransome