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True JHC spirit ...
Swapping boots
Sunday 3 October the Johannesburg Hiking Club †went on the †Chicken Run trail.† Not an easy hike - very rough and challenging.†
There were a few new hikers with us and one lady, †Joslyn,† had not hiked for years and her boots were a bit tight.† By the time we got to the crest of the hill, she had blisters developing.†
Well the hike was long and hard and she put on sandals. †By the end of the day she was hurting everywhere, twisted ankle as well.†††
When it was time to go back down the steep slope, she knew that she could not do this in sandals and could not put her boots back on.† One of the other hikers, a German lady by the name of Birgit, offered to swap boots with her.† They swapped smelly socks and boots for the descent.† †Joslynís boots were also a bit small for Birgit but she managed to use them for the "hike" down.†
As you can imagine Joslyn was very grateful and promised to come back to hike with us again.† Letís hope we do see her again but with better fitting boots.
In the kloof, which was very messy and full of litter, we came across a few squatter or poacher camps and lots of snares.† Also 3 guys sitting around a fire making lunch.
See you soon
Frances Spanger