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Giant white stinkwood tree ...
Koranna Hiking Trail
Reputed to be one of the best trails in the country, the trails traverse the majestic Korannenberg mountain in the Eastern Free State, an area that is rich in natural and historical assets.  The trails are situated in the 7000 Korannaberg Conservancy which was founded early in 1985.  The Koranna trail was opened in 1986, the Merriemetsi trails in 1992 after several requests for day hikes.  Both the Koranna, a 2day backpacking trail and the Merriemetsi, 3 one-day trails, set out from the historical Merriemetsi Victorian Farmhouse and Barn.
The Koranna first day is a distance of approx 18km.  After a short walk beneath the krantze it follows the mountain stream to end off at the top of the plateau after a stiff climb against the sandstone rock face.  Thereafter the trail walks on the plateau with interesting stone outcrops and grasslands over farmlands past a waterfall.  The last stretch is a steep climb.  The overnight site is a magnificent cave consisting of two large rooms separated by a stone pillar sheltered behind natural bush.  A thatch hut for 12 persons will be an alternative warm shelter.  The short hike of 10km is much easier and the highlight will be a visit to Magul se Gat where the hiker can explore this interesting and unique rock tunnel and cave.  A torch obviously is an essential piece of equipment.  The Koranna trail markers are yellow.
The Merriemetzi trail has three colour coded day trails in white, green and blue.  The blue route will be of particular interest to all those hikers attracted to identifying trees or to the dendrological societies in particular.  On this route, more than 40 trees have been identified with more than 100 trees tagged.  Here one will be able to see a white stinkwood tree which is more than 14 meters tall with a circumference of 2˝ meters – surely one of the biggest of its kind in the Free State.  The white route or pincushion or ‘voetangel’ route is known for the presence of the voetangel, only found on two places on the entire mountain, evident on the northern slope of the trail.  The combination of these trails caters for all hikers and the opportunities to walk in one of the most interesting mountains in the Eastern Free State.
Acknowledgement: Jacana