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When nature calls ...
Bush etiquette

Whenever or wherever you are hiking, it is a natural feeling to want to go to the loo BUT one is in the bush and a convenient toilet is not available.
Whilst walking, one notices various sizes, shapes, colours and textures as well as pongs of excretion from various animals.  The bush is their ‘home’ and although excretions are often seen on the top of rocks or stones, this should not be our method.
Please, please, please, do your ‘business’ with discretion, off the trail and behind a bush where nobody else can see you.  Carry a small spade for the ‘big jobbies’ and dig a small hole which can be covered up once you are finished.  Do not leave the paper to blow away with the next wind.  If you do not have paper with you, grass or leaves are a suitable substitute.
Please carry out the process away from a water source and at least 50m from the water line.