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The highest waterfall ...
Fountain Gully

Fountain Gully is a lovely hike in the Magaliesburg, but can be tough for the first time hikers who are not necessarily fit.  

Initially one climbs steadily on a steepish incline to the top of the mountain.  Once at the top, there are various routes one can take.  

The favourite one is to the highest waterfall in the Magaliesburg, but it is a clamber to get back out again. Photo of Easter Waterfall.  

Lunch could be at one of the natural pools or, for the more adventurous hiker, at the pools in the gorge.  

On the return leg, one could see old fortifications, lovely rock formations or hike nearby the vulture restaurant.  One might be lucky enough to spot some dassies, smaller buck or baboons in large troops.
This is a hike not to be missed, and is a favourite with many members.
This hike is on private property so remember leave only your footprints behind and take only memories of a wonderful day hiking.